Now On Steam Greenlight
Casually Rose: Awakening is now on Steam Greenlight. We are incredibly excited to hit this milestone and are keen to bring Rose's adventures to our audience.

Casually Rose: Awakening Greenlight

19th Jan 2017

Greenlight Launch
Casually Rose: Awakening will be launching on Steam Greenlight at 4PM PST 18th - January 2017.

16th Jan 2017

Steam Greenlight
Casually Rose: Awakening is coming to Greenlight in the new year! We will provide updates on this leading up to the launch of the campaign.

11th Jan 2017

New Website Look
We have just launched our new website, filled with all the information about our upcoming title; Casually Rose.

7th Jan 2017

Casually Rose Banner

Casually Rose

In a world where spirit creatures are known to visit the human world, a plant spirit by the name of Rose is lost and stranded while others from the spirit realm seek to hunt her down. Through a chance encounter Rose is taken in by a local indie game studio who know nothing of Rose's dark and mysterious past. The studio, struggling to hit their deadlines from being unexpectedly short handed, offer Rose a job and somewhere to stay.

While the presence of spirits in the human world are considered common knowledge, actually seeing one is quite a rare thing and people are sometimes wary of them. Not all spirits wish to coexist peacefully, but you could be forgiven for forgetting that when it comes to Rose. An adorable and naive natured girl whose only identifying traits are long flowing gentle green hair and a small leaf protruding from her hair that you might occasionally notice twitching and moving relative to her mood.

Things in this world reflect a world you might already know, you might see things that make you feel almost at home... But be mindful that not everything here is as it seems... You are not as you seem... Rose is oblivious to the danger she faces, but you know what she will face, you will be there with her and maybe you might be able to protect her naivety and shield her from the darkness around the corner.

You musn't be swayed by the lies the others tell you. You are our only hope, it can only be you... because... you're a human... she won't suspect you.


Rose Profile


Age: 21

Birthday: 9th October

Height: 167cm

Measurements: 92/54/80

Rose is a plant spirit who found herself lost in the human world and latched on to the first humans she encountered.

Consequently that is how she came to be employed as the mascot at a Game Studio, coincidentally named Rose Covenant.

She is quite clumsy and is often getting into trouble

Ember Profile


Age: 18

Birthday: 7th May

Height: 152cm

Measurements: 78/52/75

Ember is a Flame Spirit who came to the human world to hunt down Rose. Not much is known about her reasons or motives, just that she is very determined and won't stop until she has succeeded.

She can be quite short tempered at times, a trait that isn't too uncommon among her kind.

BossLady Profile

Boss Lady

Age: 23

Birthday: 2nd November

Height: 170cm

Measurements: 85/54/78

She is the CEO of the game studio, she found Rose and gave her a home. She gets stressed easy and can sometimes be short with Rose, but she does care for Rose's wellbeing and wants to help her find her place in this world.